Whether you are new to dance, or coming to a new studio, we are here to answer any questions you may have. If would like to schedule an appointment for a placement class, please email the studio. When you are ready, please view our Registration Page to get started on your new journey here at Excelsior School of Dance.

Dress Code

  1. Ballet

  2. Hair in a classical ballet bun. Download the “How to Create a Bun” example

  3. Sleeveless black leotard with no skirt or embellishments attached. No criss-cross straps or halter leotards.

  4. Long sleeve wrap-around sweater for winter

  5. Classical light pink footed ballet tights to cover feet (can be convertible but MUST be worn over feet)

  6. Pink ballet shoes - shoes need to be purchased from a dance shop for the correct fit.  They need to show the arch of the foot - split sole is recommended for all but is mandatory for Grade 2 and up.

  7. Pink Satin Ribbons will need to be purchased for each student and sold at the studio. Parents or student will sew ribbons on for Exams and Production.  See “How To Sew Ribbons” & “How To Tie Ribbons”.

  8. A nude suite (skin colored leotard) will need to be purchased later in the year for Exams and for the Production.

  1. Modern/ Tap

  2. Leotard and tights - No specific color - Dance shorts and dance capris are acceptable

  3. Slip on jazz shoes or FootUndeez type shoe for Modern & black tap shoes for Tap

  1. Hip Hop

  2. Loose fitting dance or sweat pants

  3. Appropriate covered shirt

  4. Designated low top converse or airwalk type shoes or high tops of any kind. All hip hop shoes must have a white sole and must be kept for “in studio” use only

  5. *Note: Please bring your own bottle water to class! If you forget, we sell bottled water in the foyer for $1 each.

Our Curriculum

The Syllabus, Sonshine Christian Ballet, with twelve levels of ballet, enhances the learning process, providing individualized instruction that encompasses both technique and expression/artistry.

  1. Benefits of Syllabus and Examinations for a student
    The directors know what each student is being taught each year. They oversee their progress and determine when they are ready to examine, and move to the next level.

  2. Your student will be in a class with others of the same level

  3. Provides a detailed outline and plan for each student–each year

  4. Class structure is guided by the syllabus, which ensures that no area of ballet training is neglected

  5. Exams: testing of learned and practiced curriculum for assessment and personal achievement

  6. Achievable goal setting

Annual Performance

Our annual ballets, with their inspirational messages, are held in a local theatre. Students are part of a bigger picture as they gain performance experience in a ballet along with senior and professional dancers.

* Excelsior School of Dance trains the well rounded dancer by also offering modern dance, tap, hip hop and drama classes.

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