Class Placement

Ballet placement is according to age as of August 1st at the start of the school year and is according to the ABT child development program. We have 12 levels of ballet are divided into 3 “groups” (Junior School, Intermediate School, and Senior School)

New Student Placement:

  • Ages 3 years through 8 years are placed according to age (according to the ABT child development program).
    • Public school grades: Pre-K through 3rd Grade
    • ESD’s Junior School
  • Beginner dancer 9 – 12yr olds will start doing one Primary and one Gr One class a week.
    • Public school grades: 4th Grade through 7th Grade
    • ESD’s Junior School
  • Teen beginners will start either Gr 2 and/or Gr 3.
    • Public school grades: 7th Grade and Up
    • ESD’s Intermediate School
  • Others – 8 and older with a number of years dance experience – are placed by skill and depending on foundations.

Class Placement Options:

3 Year Old Classes
4 Year Old Classes
5 Year Old Classes
6 Year Old Classes
7 Year Old Classes
8-12 year old Beginner
13 years and Up Beginner