Modern classes meet once a week for 1 hour from August to June, ending the year in a full theatre production.  We have 4 levels of modern and placement is based on level of ballet.  Students must be in ballet in order to take modern.

Modern 1
  • Tuesdays 5:45 – 6:45

Ballet levels Primary through Grade 2:  Modern 1 is an introduction to modern and contemporary dance technique including articulation of the spine, isolation of different parts of the body, weight changes, turns, levels, and dynamics.  Individual exploration and expression in movement is also encouraged in each class.

Modern 2: 
  • Mondays 5:45 – 6:45

Ballet levels Grade 3 and Grade 4: Modern 2 continues to build on the principles introduced in modern 1 and develops basic modern dance concepts such as contract/release and fall/recover.  This class emphasizes moving through space with confidence, clarity, and intention.

Modern 3
  • Thursdays 4:45 – 5:45

Ballet Level 5, Level 6 and Level 7: Modern 3 further develops dance technique through the perspective of body connections, transfer of weight, levels, dynamics, and expression.  While some floor work has been introduced in prior levels, it is more fully explored in modern 3.

Modern 4
  • Thursdays 3:15 – 4:15

Ballet Level 7, Level 8 and Level 9: Modern 4 extends the modern dance technique foundation with the intention of each student developing an intentional and thoughtful approach to all styles of dance.  Individual and ensemble improvisation structures are introduced and practiced at this level as well, helping to build confidence in each dancer and support for all members of the class.