Need To Know

Whether you are new to dance, or coming new to our studio from another dance school, we are here to answer any questions you may have. If would like to schedule an appointment for a placement class, please email the studio. When you are ready, please view our Registration Page to get started on your new journey here at Excelsior School of Dance. 

Dress Code

ALL CLASSES: No jewelry, nail polish, or LOTION at any time. We have special flooring specifically made for dance called Marley floors. Lotions and oils cause this flooring to be especially slippery.

*Note: Please bring your own bottled water to class (closed containers only)! If you forget, we sell bottled water in the foyer for $1 each.


  • Hair in a classical ballet bun. Download the “How to Create a Bun” example
  • Sleeveless black leotard with no skirt or embellishments attached
  • Long sleeve wrap-around sweater for winter
  • Pink ballet tights
  • Pink ballet shoes (shoes need to be purchased from a dance shop for the correct fit.  They need to show the arch of the foot – split sole is recommended.)
  • Pink Satin Ribbons will need to be purchased and sewn on by student or parent for Exams and Production.  See “How To Sew Ribbons” & “How To Tie Ribbons”
  • A nude suite (Nude colored leotard) will need to be purchased later in the year for Exams and for the Production

Modern/ Tap

  • Leotard and tights – No specific color – Dance shorts and dance capris are acceptable
  • Slip on jazz shoes for Modern & black tap shoes for Tap

Hip Hop

  • Loose fitting jeans, activewear, dance or sweat pants
  • Appropriate coverage top
  • Designated low top converse or air walk shoes OR high tops. Shoes must have a white sole.  (Hip Hop shoes MUST be kept for “in studio” use only)


  • Any type of modest activewear – tights and leotard must be worn under any shorts, crop tops, loose tops, low cut tops, sheer tops, skirts and dresses.

Boys Attire:

  • Ballet: Hair tidy – slicked back in a pony tail if long, White, short-sleeve, form-fitting, crewneck T-Shirt, Black bike shorts (Example: Motionwear – Style 7105), Black ballet shoes, White socks
  • Modern: Same as above but can also wear appropriate activewear
  • Conditioning: Same as Modern.
  • Tap: Loose fitting jeans, activewear, dance or sweat pants, appropriate T-shirt, black tap shoes.
  • Hip Hop: Same as Tap except with designated low top converse or air walk shoes OR high tops. Shoes must have a white sole.  (Hip Hop shoes MUST be kept for “in studio” use only)


Tuition Policy

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month – August through May. A late fee of $10.00 is automatically applied on the 11th.  Some months have 5 weeks, some 3, giving us a total of 40-43 dancing weeks (holidays excluded).  Tuition is divided into 10 equal monthly payments (Cash or Check Only) and the “extra” 3 weeks will either go towards closed/weather days or will be “free” classes.

Unless special circumstances arise, if a full month is missed your full monthly tuition is still due, (as tuition is for the year’s course).  Missed classes can be made up during the semester by emailing the school.

Withdraw Policy: 1 month written notice (via “Class Change Form”) is required. See form for fees and details.

To Add, Change, or Drop a Class(es): Please fill out a “Change Request Form” and turn it into the Tuition Box along with $10.00 fee per class.

What’s Due When?

Annual Performance

Our annual ballet productions, with their inspirational messages, are held in a local theatre. All students are part of a bigger picture as they gain performance experience in a production along with senior and professional dancers.

Each June, students at Excelsior School of Dance have the unique opportunity to perform in a full ballet production, with the professional ballet company Ballet Excelsior of Houston!  The entire school participates in sharing a message of hope while demonstrating the dance skills they have learned and practiced throughout the year.

IMPORTANCE of April & May: These are our Pre-Concert months. You will have your In Class Dress Rehearsal (ICDR), where you will receive your costume and talk about important theatre details!  Students need to be able to practice their dances in the group they are dancing with (spacing is very important – therefore attendance is very important).  Missed classes will reduce the students ease and confidence on stage, and missed classes effects the other students trying to rehearse with vacant spots in the formation. So we kindly ask that you do not plan any family holidays during these crucial 2 months.

Date & Due Poster All MonthsParent volunteers are needed for each concert.  Each parent will be contacted closer to the concert date with volunteer positions.




Excelsior School of Dance trains the well rounded dancer by also offering modern dance, tap, hip hop, conditioning and drama classes.