For Summer Registration information click here.

Fall 2020/2021 Registration will be open soon. Click here to add your email to our contact list to be notified once registration is open.

We apologize that online registration is not available at this time. For this season, until it is resolved, please either mail in or bring in your registration forms to the studio. For any other questions regarding online payments/registrations please email Ashley at

To Register In Person or Mail In:

Download & Print items 1 through 3 below – these are the essential items for registration

  1. Registration Form & Tuition (ONE form PER student) this form includes: Class Schedule • Tuition Fee Schedule • Yearly Ballet Costs • Tuition Policy • Family Discount Amounts
  2. Registration Brochure includes Dress Code • About Exams • End of the Year Production Information • Full Year Calendar of Important Dates • and More…
  3. Important Reminders
  4. Coupons are printed and available each month at the studio – these must be turned in with each payment – a $5.00 charge will be applied for all payments with no coupon.

How to Register:

  • Download ONE Registration Form per student. (Do not use one registration form for multiple students)
  • Enter all of the required information: PLEASE NOTE – email is our primary means of communication, please provide us with a minimum of one email address that will be checked regularly for school updates.
  • Circle your requested class(es) on the schedule portion of the Registration Form. (Our studio uses August 1st as the date for placement in a class. If you choose a class the dancer is not eligible for you will receive an email from which you will select a different class.) Email the school for further placement questions.
  • Tally up total hours & minutes for 1 week of classes you have circled and record the tallied sum on the “Total Weekly Hours” line at the bottom of the page.
  • Record “Regular Monthly Tuition” on the specified line.  See backside (or 2nd page) of Registration Form for our Tuition Fee Schedule, family discounts, and Yearly Ballet Costs.
  • Registration Fee: $50.00 for the first student and $30.00 for each additional student.  Note: Registration and Tuition #1 is due at time of registration. Your next tuition payment will be due on September 1st. See “Registration Brochure” above for payment and Tuition Policy.
  • Turn in completed Registration Form and Payment (Registration Fee + Tuition #1)
    • Mail to: Excelsior School of Dance | 435 Springwood Dr. | Conroe, TX 77385 (Do NOT send mail to our Physical Address)
    • Bring to Studio: See our Office Hours listed on our Contact Us page

~ Classes with 6 or fewer students are subject to cancellation at any time before or during the school year ~

 Withdraw Policy
A 1 month notice is required to change or withdraw from class(es). Notification must be turned in via “Change Request Form“.