A Proven Quality School

Today, we saw our little ones dance. I wanted to take a minute to say it was such a joy! The teachers are amazing! I love the creativity, freedom, sweetness, and imagination as they learn quickly, precise, and important ballet steps! We are so thankful for the school and all that is being done through its mission and people!
Happy Thanksgiving!

I took dance from 3 years old to 17 at another studio. My oldest took dance for about two years also at another studio. I’ve been to and performed in several recitals. The performance on Saturday was incredible. I’ve never been to or participated in a performance as wonderful as Saturday’s. Ellie couldn’t take her eyes off the older girls and said how beautiful everyone was. She cried because she didn’t want to leave. Thank you. I’m so grateful Ellie is at Excelsior. – M.Lee

I love how all of you at the studio speak into my girls’ lives by encouragement and Christ-like examples.  It makes this momma VERY happy and VERY blessed! – A.Kemper

“We attended your dance academy’s recital this year to watch her friends, Averie and Presley Sawtelle and Laurana Cross. We were very impressed by the dancers and moved by the Evangelistic quality of the recital.” – D.Stahman

“The performance was such a blessing to watch and my daughter loved being involved.” -M.Williford

“Thank you so much for all you do for all the girls at Excelsior.  I thank God every day that they found your school.  You have such a great influence on them. ” D.Arnold

“I just wanted to write a note and say thank you to Excelsior and all the teachers involved.  This was our first year at the school, my daughter Addison Weaver was in the 3&4’s and I just wanted to tell you we were blown away last night.  We recently moved to the area last August and after one month at Bonis, in which my daughter was literally assaulted in class by another dancer, we were on a search for a new dance school.  After trying many other local schools, we somehow ended up at Excelsior and it has been such a blessing.  To watch the show last night and not only be blown away by the amazing technical skills and high caliber of dancing, but the Christian atmosphere that my daughters are able to dance in is truly a gift and we feel so blessed to have stumbled upon Excelsior, so thank you!!” – K.Weaver

“Sonja – Mark Cole here (better known as Laura’s and Lily’s dad J).  You might recall that I work with a little educational start up called the John Witherspoon Seminary.  On May 15 (Sunday afternoon, 3 pm), we have a graduation ceremony in the chapel at the Lanier Theological Library in north Houston.  At that ceremony, in addition to recognizing our four graduates, we would like to recognize you with the John Witherspoon Humanitarian award.  We believe that what you have done with Excelsior is worthy in every respect of support, recognition and, well, applause!

Would you honor us with your presence at our graduation ceremony at 3 pm on Sunday, May 15, at the chapel of the Lanier Theological Library to accept this award?  (You will not be the only honoree, and you won’t be asked to speak…so hopefully this will be an enjoyable event for you and very low pressure!).

Thank you and please let me know, if you could.  (And if you are not able to make it this time, would you allow us to invite you again in the future?  We are determined to recognize you and Excelsior!).

Thank you ….for all you do! Mark”

“My name is Karen and I saw you dance at Project Dance a couple weeks ago. I have a dancer-daughter and we came from KC for our first Project Dance.

We were among the group that arrived a little late on Friday night and so we ended up on the floor in front of the first row. Let me say that I have never literally sat on the marley when watching a dance :). I think it gave me a perspective unlike any other.  Since no one was in front of me, there were no distractions. And, being so close allowed me to see emotions and expressions very clearly.

So, why am I writing you today? Because your dance to “It is Well” has done something to me. I was drawn in even before you danced by what you shared of your story. To hear your heart even in the midst of physical pain was powerful. But then to see the tears slide down your face as you danced, well……All I can say is that I do not think there is anything more precious or more powerful than choosing to worship in the midst of pain and unanswered prayers.

Your tears were silent, yet the impact was deafening. Your dance moves were fluid and beautiful, yet the collision in the spirit was anything but. A true sacrifice of praise moves and shifts things in the spirit realm and routes the enemy. As you were dancing I just saw things busting up as heaven was breaking through with the Holy Spirit filling the room. His presence was tangible.

So, I just really want to say thank you.  Thank you for being so transparent and honest and for choosing to believe even when you haven’t yet received all you hope for. God was there in such a real way.

Blessings and prayers to you for your miracle” – K.Henze

“Thank you for all you do. As an incredible resource to our studio, you make it easier to manage the dance responsibility as a parent. I am grateful.” – C.Sawyer

“Excelsior School of Dance did a great job as they entertained the crowd and glorified Jesus! I really appreciate your group coming out and being a part of the Bay Area Nutcracker Market’s success!

But most of all we give God the glory for the success and for the numerous Blessings in our shows and in our lives.” – J.West

“I just wanted to say thank you for a beautiful showcase. We recently went to a friends dance recital where I walked away with a new appreciation for everything Excelsior offers to my daughters. The atmosphere that is created by keeping the focus on Christ is a treasure to us. The technique, timing and attention to detail that is being developed in your dancers is remarkable. We are looking forward to sharing many years with you. Thank you for the attitude of excellence that runs through the studio and into our dancers.” – J.Sawtelle

“Tonight was the first experience we had seen a performance by Ballet Excelsior of Houston. I was so moved that I wanted to write and thank you for your ministry through dance. First of all, I love your purpose and mission and am excited to support it any way I can.

The dances were purposeful, thoughtful, uplifting, and beautifully choreographed. The combination of technique and expression brought to life the message of Christ. The last number for me was especially touching as it helped me reflect on my love for and commitment to Jesus Christ. Thank you for following God’s guidance to serve him in this way. It is a blessing to my family and the community.” – A.Spencer